Agile Scrum Certification Workshop Javier Miranda

Full 24 Hours Agile / Scrum Master Certification  Preparation Workshop 

A g i l e  /  S c r  u m  W o r k s h o p   T o p i c s

  • Agile Fundamentals
    • Predictive vs. Adaptive
  • Agile Framework
  • Agile Teams
    • Agile Roles
    • Team Charter
  • Agile Planning
    • Product Vision
    • Product Backlog (intro)
    • Product Roadmap
  • Agile Product Development
    • Customer Personas
    • Product Ideation
  • Product Backlog (in detail)
    • Value-Based Prioritization
    • Definition of Ready
    • Definition of Done
    • Acceptance Criteria
  • Epics & User Stories
  • Agile Estimating
  • Agile Planning
    • User Story Mapping
    • Release Planning
    • Iteration Planning
  • Scrum 3-5-3 Framework & Kanban
    • Scrum Simulation
  • Team Retrospectives
  • Agile Metrics & Kaizen
  • Agile Risk Management
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C o m p l e t e  24 Hours   D a y s   A g i l e  /  S c r u m   W o r k s h o p

Hands-on Agile / Scrum workshop where participants will learn about Agile by simulating a Project. It will not be a superfluous simulation as several Agile Practices will be implemented in order to be adaptable & flexible and to maximize investment... and we will have fun while learning!  #AdaptationOverPlans #FunOverTasks

This workshop will help participants to achieve certifications like:
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®,
  • Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM I) or 
  • Scrum Master Certified (SMC™).
Course provides 24 PDUs as follows:
- 12 Technical
- 6 Leadership
- 6 Strategy

Class Materials:
All materials will be provided thru A:R Classroom Platform on-line only.  Classes will be recorded for future review.
Javier A Miranda, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMO-CP, PM4R-AC, SPC, SPS, PSM, PSPO, PSK, PSU, PAL, DASSM, CSM, CSPO, ICP, MCAD is an Agile certified professional with +15 years of management and C-Level executive consulting experience. He was awarded with an Outstanding Client Service Award for exceeding stakeholders’ expectations and with a President's Leadership Award for consulting excellence.

Javier has hands-on experience with several project delivery methodologies, guides, and frameworks and has applied Agile Practices in projects since the early 2000s. In his most recent contribution to a Fortune 500 company, Javier adapted Agile/Scrum to be used outside of the IT environment.  He used Agile to solve complex business problems and for the rapid creation of new programs and business services performing roles like Agile Coach and Scrum Master.  

Recently, Mr. Miranda performed as an international consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and their clients where he provided workshops & coaching on Agile / Scrum in the Caribbean and the Americas.  Connect with Javier on LinkedIn to share experiences.