About us

We provide consulting services and educational services in Aligned Business and IT Strategy, Innovation Culture, Team Dynamics, Organizational Agility and Flow of Value.  We adapt to your environment and processes to find the balanced approach for a rapid Customer 1st Value Delivery.

We envision ourselves:

Leading every new era as producers of rapid projects results in new or existing organizations.

Our current mission is:

To provide rapid and successful delivery of great products, services or results that propel strategic organizational changes and business innovation in our customers with the velocity and flexibility that best fits their culture, their processes and their people.

Our key executives are:

Javier A. Miranda, SPC, SPS, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMO-CP, PM4R-AC, DASSM,PSM, PSPO, PSK, PSU, PAL, M3.0, CSM, CSPO  is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Agile Ratio.  He is responsible for translating project delivery best practices to practical approaches to allow any kind of organization to adapt and innovate rapidly.

Mr. Miranda is an Agile Project Manager that specializes in adapting project management methods & practices to organizational needs.
Rosa I. Rivera, MA, CC, NLP-MP is the Chief Coaching Officer (CCO) of Agile Ratio.  She is responsible for incorporating and applying coaching best practices and organizational analysis to pinpoint appropriate techniques for the innovative organization or individual.

Mrs. Rivera is an Organizational Psychologist and a Certified Coach that specializes in optimizing the performance of individuals and organizations.


  • Over 30 years of combined executive experience
  • Certified professionals and US citizens
  • Bilingual staff
    (English & Spanish)
  • Customer 1st Value Delivery, Organizational Agility, Team Dynamics and Flow of Value

Values precedence:

-Fun over Tasks-
-Honesty over Profits-
-Team over Individuals-
-Passion over Knowledge-
-Discipline over Intelligence-
-Respect over Command-
-Action over Discussions-
-Adaptation over Plans-
-Flow over Control-
-Family over Work-